Discovering the Best zoomer robot dog: Your Buying Guide with Trusted Reviews

 Zoomer Robot Dog is more than a mere simple robot dog; in fact, as far as robot dogs are concerned, the Zoomer robot dog is one of the most advanced dogs available on the market.


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zoomer robot dog

Zoomer Robot Dog – features


Zoomer dog

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There are many different features that the Zoomer robot dog offers that make it an innovative robot dog. To start with, the Zoomer robot  dog has a variety of languages that it is able to understand. For example, in general, Zoomer dog are equipped to understand English, Spanish, and even French. However, for those Zoomer Dog in the UK, is able to understand Russian language. This allows children around the world to interact and learn with their Zoomer dogs. Besides the languages that Zoomer dogs are equipped to understand, they are also manufactured in various different colors. The main colors that the Zoomer dogs are available in include: black and white, and also purple for the boys version of the dog. The girls version of the Zoomer robot dog  is white with pink feet, pink arm and legs  joints, pink ear flaps, and a pink-tipped tail. As for the maneuverability of the Zoomer dog, they are able to learn and perform over 60 different tricks. Although, the girls version of the Zoomer dog is able to learn up to four extra tricks. With that said, Zoomer does not always listen to commands. Just like a real dog, the Zoomer dog will also decide whether or not it feels like, listening to it’s owner’s command for doing something. Besides choosing when listening, Zoomer may also be mischievous at times; by being mischievous, Zoomer may roam around the room or house looking for a place to do his business; when Zoomer lifts his leg near furniture, owners can hurry and command him not to do his business in the house. While Zoomer does not actually do his business, by him performing this way, it adds realism to the Zoomer robot  dog. Touching back on going to the potty, as mentioned earlier, the Zoomer robot dogs are capable of learning over 60 different tricks. Teaching the Zoomer robot dog to go to the bathroom is just one of the many tricks he can learn. However, there is more to Zoomer than simply learning tricks. In addition, users may also download a free Zoomer app, for their iPhone ,or Android to access more training features. What makes this robot dog a step above. the rest is the fact that his personality resembles that of a real dog. For instance, the more that a child plays with their Zoomer dog robot, the more that he will learn commands, as well as develop a liking for their master.

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zoomer robot dog

There are many other design features that are integrated into the the Zoomer dog robot which will make him, or her seem all the more realistic to children. Like mentioned prior, the Zoomer dog truly has a mind of it’s own; if a ball is thrown for Zoomer, he will either make an effort to fetch and return the ball to it’s master, or he will simply play around with the ball. Because Zoomer is designed as a real dog, he is able to move with a realistic walking pattern that a real dog would exert. Furthermore, Zoomer is also able to traverse a range of floors that include hard flooring, or even carpeting and rugs. With embedded sensors in the eyes, the Zoomer robot dog, is able to realistically follow those around him with his eyes; furthermore, this also allows Zoomer to keep track of it’s owner when following them. If that isn’t enough, there are also integrated sensors designed into Zoomer’s chest, which allow him to determine, how close he is to other objects; in addition, these sensors also sense when he is tickled. Other than a smartphone app for learning extra tricks, there are also many other extras that can be found online at the Zoomer robot dog website. For example, when logging onto the site, users may interact with a virtual Zoomer home, in which they are able to browse the various rooms of the house to read Zoomer quotes. Furthermore, there is also a link for printing out an official Zoomer certificate; this certificate certifies that Zoomer is 100 percent official and ready for action. Alongside these online features, there is also a link for learning extra training commands on the main Zoomer web page. When clicking on this link, users are taken to Zoomer’s playhouse. Here, they may play a mini-game to locate hidden bones; as hidden bones are located, players are awarded badges which can be used towards unlocking new tricks and commands.

the zoomer charging:

As far as charging Zoomer is concerned, Zoomer is charged via a USB cable. Before Zoomer can be used for the first time, he must be fully charged. It takes up to one hour, for the Zoomer robot dog to have a full charge. When charging Zoomer, he may be charged via a USB port on a computer, or the supplied USB cable may be used in conjunction, with a USB cable / wall adapter to charge the unit. As added support, available on the Zoomer webpage, there is a Support page. The Support page details user operation features, how to power the Zoomer dog on, as well as important reminders. For ease of convenience, on the Support page, there are also tips on how to properly use the listening mode for the Zoomer dog, how to properly use the training mode, and lastly, there is a list of general commands posted on the Support page for users as well. When Zoomer goes into Independent Mode, he or she will do various things, depending on how they’ve been trained, and what they’ve learned. There is a detailed list of actions Zoomer may or may not do when in Independent Mode; this is listed on the Support Page for those who are curious of the various acts he might perform on his own. Lastly, there is a troubleshooting section located on the Support Page at the Zoomer website as well. Here, parents or users may look up common troubleshooting issues, to determine any issues with the Zoomer, so that they’re able to restore the Zoomer robot dog to it’s normal functionality. There is a Zoomer dog for every boy, and girl, and they will adapt to each boy or girl differently. When parents are trying to find the best Zoomer dog for their children, they are sure to find the best Zoomer dog by adhering to the tips herein to decide what type of Zoomer they’d like to get.

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