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robotic dog

There might be some of you who enjoy dogs. But for whatever reason, are not able to have dogs. This can come at a devastating to animal lovers. But there is a solution. This solution is known as the robotic dog. The robotic dog acts like any other normal breathing dog, accept for the fact that it’s not real.

So what is so special about the robotic dog anyway? Well for starters, it behaves just like any other dog. It will stick it’s nose where it shouldn’t. It will run around and bark at all hours of the day and night. It will go to the bathroom where it shouldn’t be going to the bathroom. It will not listen to any thing the owner says. In short, it acts like a dog. This robotic dog retails for about $100. It works well for those who are of age 5 and older.

So how does this robotic dog measure up?


robotic dog review

So how does this robotic dog measure up? Well for one, it’s got sensors and motion detectors in it’s body that will react to the five sense. It responds to things like feeling and touch. It will sense if a person is trying to pet it. It will sense if a person is trying to pick it up.

This robotic dog also responds to different languages. That’s right, it will respond to English, as well as Spanish and French. This will come in handy if the owner is of Spanish decent. If the owner speaks a command in their native tongue, they won’t have to worry about the robotic dog not understanding it. This also comes to the benefit of those who have trained dogs before. With real dogs you have to encourage them and offer them incentives,in order to get through to them. With the robotic dog this won’t be an issue. The robotic dog will understand the voice command right away.

Another great benefit for this robotic dog is that they move more quickly than real dogs do. The reason being is that the dogs feet are on wheels. This can come at an advantage. When the dog runs away, it will get to it’s destination that much faster, than it would if it just has the feet.

The robot dog also has LED eyes and an internal charge. That means that there is no battery recharge required. With most robotic toys and products, once the battery gets low, the person needs to replace the battery right away. You won’t have that problem with the robotic dog.

With the robot dog, as the charge goes down, the internal USB connectivity will take notice of it. Once it does the owner is notified. All a person has to do is take out a min USB cable or cord and plug it into a computer or wall plug. That’s it. Allow for about an hour for the charge to be completed and the dog will be ready to bark and play all over again.

It interacts with children, as a normal dog would. You can play fetch with it. A person can even take it outside to get fresh air. A person can take it to the park and no one will be able to tell the difference, from far away.

It not only responds to voice commands, but after a while the training mode will be complete. In some cases it may be able to come out of training mode more quickly than real dogs. The great thing about this is that it will remember all it’s learned. Some of us can’t even get that from a real dog.

There is a button on the back and belly that will encourage the dog to do tricks. The tricks can be from the simple to the more extensive. But either way, the dog is capable of doing everything a real dog can, if not more.

This dog is perfect for those that are either allergic to real animals or for those that don’t want the messy clean up involved. It’s so worth the money and something the whole family can enjoy. Go online and check out the availability of this dog at any local retailer or order online.

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