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Robot Dogs? These times they are a changin’. It used to be that the dream of every little boy and girl was to have a puppy. That may still be true but it isn’t always realistic: a lot of apartments don’t permit them and with many parents having dual careers, having a small dog in the house is at odds with the amount of time being spent earning a living.

So what better than having robot pets? No early morning walks when it’s raining or snowing, no worries about paper training robo-dogs that’s for sure and no extra expense for food or shots, a collar or dog house. With robot pets what’s there not to love? And small kids – who still aren’t completely wrapped around the idea of what’s real and what’s not will love them. With robot dogs, older kids and even adults have a built in “life of the party” to enjoy with friends and family.

You may be surprised to find that there are quite a few robo-animals on the market. Maybe that’s a misnomer because many of these “ani-bots” are prototypes that are being developed by the Department of Defense and other contractors which have motives that do not include building a robo-dog that will go fetch a bone. But it’s interesting just the same to see a robotic mule, ostriche or fish or even a snake or cockroach following commands that may well impact the way we live our lives.

Which Robo-Pets are the Best

A little closer to home are the robot pets that make great playmates for young and old alike. Robot dogs have evolved into something that is pretty darn close to the real thing even if they still look like robots. That said, tell me it’s not way cool to have a dog-bot that barks and wags its tale in addition to running and rolling over. These Mechano-dogs even follow your commands. And the best thing is that with the flip of a switch Fido shuts down and goes back in his box until you feel the need to play with him again!
Everyone has a favorite. As robo-muts go, Genibo is the logical successor to Aibo and I guess Zoomer is the successor to Genibo. Thanks to motorized joints and a variety of sensors the nly things these canines are missing is a little hair. Despite that they are all very popular and making kids extremely happy.

Wrex the Dawg Robotic Dog


But for my money Wrex the Dawg is the one. Wrex looks like a hybrid between that crazy canine Astro on the Jetson’s and a real dog. Wrex has different moods which are shown by his slot machine eyes and by his corresponding behavior. The slot eyes have 16 combinations, and Wrex has 4 icons for every eye. Wrex can easily change moods and expressions: one is the “guard mode” and another is “Happy Mode” and then Wrex has the completely off-the-wall “Crazy mode”. Wrex the Dawg rocks and comes with a remote and runs on 4 C batteries.

Dogs that can recognize your voice and respond to a voice command, a dog that can learn some tricks and even bark just like a real dog.

What more do you want in a pet?

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